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Movie Reccomendation: X / Poppy

Wow, It's been a while since I made an entry. I've been so occupied with life as of lately. I guess I should try to slowly assimilate to make blog posts here and there!
The good news is that I have been reducing my social media usage wahoo!

I've had some IRL adventures. My bestie, Hedin came to visit and it was fun chilling! After that Kyle and I went to see the Loossemble concert. it was a nice exploring the city afterwards. ~u~
Thankfully all of the outings n such are out of the way right before the flu season kicks in. I'll probably take this chill time to work on the usual comic/commission work as well as personal paintings on the side.

Since Halloween is right around the corner I should create a list of horror/thriller movies to watch. I recently watched X and then Poppy and those were a good refreshing slasher. I can't wait for the last part of the trilogy!

Here's a short reccomendation of movies:

-The Platform (2019)
-Incantation (2022)
-Nope (2022)
-Level 16 (2018)
-The Menu (2022)

With that, I end this entry with Mai: